YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Premium

YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Pro Free Download

YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Pro Free Download


YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Premium Free Download with GPL License , Free New Version.  We Purchase And Download From Original Authors You’ll Receive Untouched And Unmodified Files. 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus, Unlimited Domain Usage.

YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Pro Free Download plugin is an extension for WooCommerce designed to allow customers to request price quotes for products instead of making an immediate purchase. Please note that there may have been updates or changes to the plugin since then, and it’s always a good idea to check the official website or documentation for the latest information.


1. Key Features:

– Request a Quote Form:
– Enables customers to submit quote requests directly from product pages.
– Integrates a customizable quote request form.


– Custom Quote System:
– Store owners can manage and negotiate quotes with customers.
– Option for customers to accept or reject proposed quotes.


– Visibility Control:
– Choose which products are eligible for quote requests.
– Set specific user roles or conditions for quote access.


– Email Notifications:
– Automatic email notifications for both customers and store owners.
– Notifications for new quote requests, accepted quotes, and more.


– Quote Management Dashboard:
– A dedicated dashboard for managing and tracking all quote requests.
– View, accept, reject, and negotiate quotes easily.


– Integration with WooCommerce:
– Seamlessly integrates with existing WooCommerce product settings.
– Supports variable and simple product types.


 2. How It Works:
– Customer Experience:
– Customers navigate to a product page and find the “Request a Quote” button.
– They fill out a customizable form, providing details such as quantity, additional notes, etc.
– After submitting the form, customers receive confirmation emails.


Store Owner/Admin Experience:
– Store owners receive email notifications for new quote requests.
– Quotes can be managed through a dedicated dashboard.
– Owners can propose, negotiate, and finalize quotes within the system.


3. Customization and Settings:
– Form Customization:
– Customize the fields and appearance of the quote request form.
– Add or remove fields as needed.

– **Email Templates:**
– Customize email templates for automated notifications.
– Ensure branding consistency in communication.


– Visibility Settings:
– Configure which products are eligible for quote requests.
– Set user roles that can access the quote feature.


4. Compatibility and Support:
– Compatibility:
– Confirm compatibility with the current version of WooCommerce.
– Verify compatibility with other plugins or themes.


– Support:
– Access to support and updates may be subject to a subscription or license.


 5. Use Cases:
– Ideal for businesses dealing with wholesale or bulk orders.
– Useful for products where pricing can vary based on quantity or customization.


The YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote Pro Free Download plugin provides an effective solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to cater to customers who prefer negotiation or have specific requirements before making a purchase. It enhances the user experience by facilitating communication between customers and store owners through a streamlined quote request system. Always refer to the official documentation or contact YITH for the most up-to-date information.

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