Avada Fusion White Label Branding (Addon)

Avada Fusion Builder (Addon) Free Download

Avada Fusion White Label Branding (Addon) Free Download


Avada Fusion White Label Branding (Addon) is a game-changing extension that takes customization to the next level, offering a truly white-label experience within the renowned Avada WordPress Theme framework. This powerful addon is designed to empower users, agencies, and developers to brand the Avada theme as their own, creating a seamless and personalized environment for clients and end-users alike.


One of the standout features of Avada Fusion White Label Branding is its ability to replace or hide any reference to the Avada theme. This means users can effortlessly replace the Avada branding with their own logo, company name, and custom branding elements, creating a cohesive and professional look across the entire theme. It’s a perfect solution for agencies and developers who want to deliver a customized and branded website without any mention of the theme’s origin.


This addon extends its white-label capabilities to the WordPress dashboard, ensuring that the backend of the website reflects the chosen branding. Users can replace the Avada logo with their own, customize the login page with company-specific imagery, and even modify the WordPress admin toolbar, providing a completely branded experience for clients and administrators.


Avada Fusion White Label Branding allows for the seamless removal of any elements that may reveal the theme’s identity, ensuring a clean and professional appearance. Users can hide or customize various theme-related information, such as theme version numbers, copyright text, and theme-related links, providing full control over the presentation of the website.


For agencies managing multiple client websites, the addon facilitates a consistent branding experience across all projects. This not only enhances the professional image of the agency but also reinforces the unique identity of each client. The white-labeling capabilities extend to the theme options panel, giving users the freedom to rebrand elements specific to the Avada theme settings.


With Avada Fusion White Label Branding, users can present a fully customized WordPress experience, eliminating any indication of the theme used in the development process. This level of white-labeling is crucial for agencies and developers looking to build a brand identity, enhance client relationships, and maintain a professional appearance throughout their web development projects.


In conclusion, Avada Fusion White Label Branding (Addon) is an indispensable tool for anyone leveraging the power of the Avada WordPress Theme. Whether you are an agency, a developer, or an individual user, this addon provides the means to create a fully white-labeled and customized website, ensuring a professional and cohesive brand presence for both clients and end-users.

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